Why Chorus?

Create Experiments

Create Experiments and Projects

Create your own experiments and group them in projects. Store data for each experiment in one place.

Upload Files

Upload Files

Upload your experiment files along with the metadata and make them available to collaborators.

Share Data with Colleagues

Share Data with Colleagues

Share your files with colleagues in your lab or in other laboratories. Get access to public projects and experiments.

Analyze Your Data

Analyze Your Data

You can analyze data you've uploaded into Chorus, make graphs and much more.

More Benefits with Chorus

  • Cost Efficient
    Replaces up-front capital infrastructure expenses with low variable costs that scale with growth of your data. Shared computational resources allow affordable analysis of large scale experiments.
  • High Performance
    Fast raw data viewers and processing. Chorus is leveraging InfoClinika’s cloud based data management platform designed for real time visualizations and parallel processing.
  • Reliable
    Chorus is build on a top of Amazon cloud technologies leveraging redundant S3 and Glacier storages, EC2 distributed computations, and highly available, replicated Amazon Relational Database Service. The user is always using the latest version.
  • Open
    Chorus is meant to be one stop for all MS data management, processing, and analysis. It’s architected as an open platform for integration of both open source and proprietary algorithms and services. Chorus is a nonprofit effort.
  • Vendor Neutral
    Store, share, visualize, and analyze data across vendor platforms.

Latest News

Introducing the Chorus Project

Stratus Biosciences will be introducing the CHORUS Project and its capabilities at this year’s ASMS conference in Minneapolis in a Workshop at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday June 12, 2013. Participants will be able to access CHORUS on their laptops and mobile devices and provide feedback on what they feel are the essential features of such a community platform.

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About Us


Recognizing that the sharing, public dissemination, and analysis of mass spectrometry data has become a major challenge for many laboratories, Stratus Biosciences was founded with the ambitious goal to solve these problems. Stratus Biosciences is a not-for-profit company based in Seattle, WA with the goal of building and providing professionally developed software solutions for the mass spectrometry community. The Chorus Project is our cloud based platform for providing these services.